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Announcing Google Login for PlanMill

We are excited to announce that Google Login for PlanMill is now available to all PlanMill Cloud customers.

Google Login to PlanMill  

This feature simplifies both the sign up and log in processes for your users by using their existing Gmail and Google Apps account credentials.  

Benefits of using Google Login for PlanMill

  • Reduced number of usernames and passwords your users need to remember
  • Faster account provisioning process for your new users
  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) with your Google Apps domain to retain control of both user provisioning and password policy management

How does Google Login for PlanMill work?

Once we've enabled Google Login for your Cloud environment, you'll see a new Google button on your sign in portal. When users visit PlanMill and click the first time on the Sign in with Google button, they will be prompted for their email address, which is used to redirect them to either their Google Apps domain or to Gmail for authentication. 

After they've successfully been authenticated and have approved of PlanMill collecting their email address from Google, they will be redirected to your PlanMill with an active session. For more information, write to


What's new in PlanMill Release 14.3?  

PlanMill 14.3 offers new features and enhancements as well as address known and fixed issues. This release contains quicker ways to log in, optimizations to speed up the system and small improvements in several functions.  

(Rel. February 22, 2012) Release notes in Finnish - Export to PDF 

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