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Google Login, Full-Text Search & Single Sign-On and more in PlanMill 14.3

PlanMill Business Application Suite on the Cloud or On-Premise is now used by over 10,000 professionals in 100+ service companies in 25 countries everyday.

What's new in PlanMill Release 14.3? (Rel. February 22, 2012)

PlanMill 14.3 offers new features and enhancements as well as address known and fixed issues. This release contains quicker ways to log in, optimizations to speed up the system and small improvements in several functions.  

1. General Features Enhancements

1.1 UI Improvements 

  • Buttons - Added support for secondary-priority for buttons (color is more light-gray e.g. "Cancel" -button).

Fig 1. Light-gray "Cancel" button in Accounts 

1.2 Contacts & Users

  • New interval filter   - Contacts and Users list views now has new interval -filter, which lets you select contacts or users between given dates. The options are to filter between dates when the contacts were Created, Modified or Inactivated.  Filter can be selected or hidden through the add and remove filters functions.

Fig 2. 
New interval filter button in Contacts & Users

1.3 Finance

  • Draft invoice/time report status - Draft invoice generation automatically change time reports related status from "Reported" to "Accepted".
  • Confirm invoice - If the user tries to confirm a draft invoice where due date is already passed, an error message will appear "One or more invoices could not be confirmed, because due date is in the past. Please change invoice date or terms of payment of the draft invoice so that due date will be update".

1.4 E-Invoice

  • E-invoice Sender & appendices - All invoice related appendices can be combined to the invoice PDF when the customer is using PlanMill E-Invoice Sender service powered by Basware. This function is needed if your company has customers which use e-invoice operators that can not handle e-invoice attachment files.

    Note: This feature needs a separate activation to your PlanMill Cloud environment and will immediately affect all e-invoices sent to any operator and customer after that.

1.5 Indicators & Reports 

  • All revenue reports & new status value - Add new "All (1,2,3,4)" value to revenue item status filters in list views and reports. Improves usability of revenue reports by enabling user to list easily all open and invoiced excluding rejected revenue items.
  • Time reports monthly by person -report & new filter value - Added new filter value "Billable" to Task type filter. New Billable value sums up all fixed and time based values.
  • My open quotes (My Indicators) - Show all my open quotes which are currently valid or overdue is less than 90 days. All data is based on Quoted -status in Sales Orders module.
  • All open quotes (Sales Indicators) - Show all open quotes which are currently valid or overdue is less than 90 days. All data is based on Quoted -status in Sales Orders module. 

Fig. 3 Sales indicator: Summary of all open quotes 

1.6 Search

Global & list view search  - Added support for full-text search for both global and list view search. Improved the visibility of global search results.

Fig 4.  Improved visibility of global search results 

1.7 Platform

  • Optimization - List views and global search work faster because of optimizations. 

1.8 Users can now log in to PlanMill with email address  

Users can now enter either username or email address to the username - field in the PlanMill login page. This works with normal PlanMill authentication and Google authentication.

1.9 Google Authentication & Single Sign-On (SSO)  

Google Authentication is now available to all PlanMill Cloud customers! Connect Authentication will work to existing PlanMill Cloud users directly in real-time, if username or user's email address is the same as the Google account email address and Google authentication is activated to customers PlanMill Cloud service (instance).

Google Authentication offers an easy way to reach a single sign-on, if Google apps are already in use in the company. You only log in once and access PlanMill and your Google services without having to login again.

Note: Google Authentication Activation. Place your order for activation of your PlanMill Cloud service from: One time activation fee is 150 € excl. VAT.

How to sign in to PlanMill using Google

1. Click on the button "Sign in with Google" on the Login page
2. If the user has username or email address similar as the Google account username, the login asks for the first time if you want to allow login to PlanMill
3. After the first successful login, it will never ask again if you are already logged in with your Google account.

Note: If you are not yet logged in to Google, you will get a Google login page when you try to login to PlanMill; after that you will redirected to PlanMill.

Fig. 5  Sign in to PlanMill using Google

2. General Availability 

  • PlanMill Cloud customers: February 22, 2012
  • PlanMill On-Premise customers: 

    March 1, 2012

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