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Advanced features in Invoicing, sales orders, and currency handling in PlanMill 14.4

PlanMill Version 14.4 offers new features and feature enhancements as well as fixes several known issues (Rel. May 23, 2012). Download Release Notes -  Wiki - Tools - Export to PDF 

Key improvements  

Account form

Customer account - form Handling fee now has a currency field. The fee is always converted upon save to currency of the ‘Invoicing  Language and Currency’ field to ensure correct inheritance to any Sales orders and Invoices created for that customer. Account summary will still appear in the user currency.

Picture 1: Billing information fields

Sales order form

Sales order money amounts are fixed to the currency of  ‘Invoicing Language and Currency’. This is to maintain the intended value of money amounts despite changes to the invoicing currency when invoicing in different currencies.

Sales order summary

The Sales order summary display currency is fixed to the invoicing currency of the Sales order (overrides user currency). This is because user currency uses the latest daily rates and not the actual invoice rates, createing inconsistencies with the actual invoice amounts.

Invoice form and PDF

The Invoice form handles different changes of invoice date and invoice currency correctly while the invoice is in draft status. This is to maintain the intended value of Invoice items when invoicing currency is altered at this final stage and to maintain the same price of items when dates are changed.

Invoice summary 

Display currency, as with Sales order is now fixed to the invoicing currency (overriding user currency).

PDF languages

Invoice, Sales order and Expense PDFs take the language terms used based on the invoice supplier company's country. I.e. if your company is based in Finland, but you are sending invoices in Swedish language, your invoice will show terms in Finnish Swedish. But if your company is based in Sweden and you are sending invoices in Swedish, you will get Swedish Swedish terminology to your invoice PDFs.


General availability

  • PlanMill Cloud customers: May 23, 2012
  • PlanMill On-Premise customers: June, 2012 

PlanMill Mobile 
 - Touch optimized web-based apps for Smartphones & Tablets 

The next generation web based PlanMill Mobile is now offered as part of version 14.4. The mobile web app solution allows users to create and edit Actions, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Requests and time reports (Time).

You don't need any application installations to your mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone. Note: PlanMill Mobile is renamed from PlanMill Touch.  Fun way to learn more about PlanMill Mobile take the Basic or Advanced quiz! 

DEMO - Manage Accounts and Contacts  



Picture 1 & 2: Contact summary and Contact list view of PlanMill Mobile. See  more screenshots of the new PlanMill Mobile UI, including Home, Accounts list, Opportunity list (All open), Requests list, New time form, and My time list. 



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